Pregnancy Related Back Pain

pregnant woman with back pain

Chiropractors have specific training in the treatment of women who are pregnant, and most have special equipment such as exam and treatment tables built to accommodate the growing belly. Chiropractors can help women learn how to stretch and strengthen the specific muscles used during labor and delivery. Allowing the birthing process to be more comfortable, they can also contribute to relieving the back and joint pain common during pregnancy.

What benefits does chiropractic care offer for pregnant women?

Pregnancy puts incredible strains on the body, in particular on the musculoskeletal system which must adjust to accommodate additional weight as well as a shifting center of gravity. These changes can cause pain and discomfort that can spread throughout the body. Chiropractic care can help by:

  • reducing strain in the back, hips, and neck that can occur as a result of weight gain
  • teaching patients how to adapt to changes in their body shapes, so they can avoid pain as the pelvis tilts forward with the increasing weight
  • helping patients strengthen and stretch muscles and joints used during the delivery of a baby

Having routine adjustments during pregnancy can help many women relieve or even avoid painful musculoskeletal complications of pregnancy, including debilitating issues such as sciatica and chronic lower back pain.

How do chiropractic adjustments support a healthy pregnancy?

In addition to helping women strengthen and tone the muscles used in childbirth, chiropractic care can provide them with the spinal adjustments they need to relieve painful pressure and to keep critical neural pathways clear to optimize the function of the organs, including the uterus. Plus, resolving nerve impingements and spinal misalignments can also help ensure the uterus is optimally positioned to support the normal, healthy growth and development of the baby. Chiropractors are also skilled in the nutritional needs of pregnant women, as well as guidance that can help them avoid or reduce other side effects of pregnancy such as morning sickness.

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